Updated Tuesday January 16, 2018 by The Strike Zone.

Name: Neithan Dutt 
Position: 3B, pitcher
Years of playing: 4 uncompetitive,  10 years of competitive . Total years of  14
2004-2008 - house league 
2009- AAA
2010-2014 - AA
2015-2018- Elite
2017- EBLO Team Canada
What I enjoy most about instruction clinics at TSZ:
Being able to not only pass my knowledge on but also see them improve over the time that I get to teach them. 
Favorite Moment When Instructing: I was instructing a pitching clinic and in the first week I had a young boy struggle with hitting a softball off a tee by pitching the ball (accuracy drill) and you could tell he was discouraged as we worked with him he got better. on the last week, we played the accuracy drill as are final game and the boy had hit the ball off the tee 3 times. seeing the boy this happy due to reaching this goal was by far my favorite moment.