Updated Thursday March 26, 2015 by The Strike Zone.

Contractual Rules and Regulations Governing use of The Strike Zone


1.Providing time in The Strike Zone (TSZ) is entirely at the discretion of the Whitby Minor Baseball Association (WMBA).   The WMBA reserves the right to cancel any rental usage agreement temporarily or permanently as the need arises.


2.The rental usage agreement is not transferable.  The facilities are to be used only on the date(s) and time(s) specified and only for the purpose(s) named.   If TSZ staff is of the opinion that the facilities named are not being used for the purpose(s) agreed t, TSZ reserves the right to cancel the agreement temporarily or permanently.


3.Notification of any cancellations must be provided to the WMBA with at least 12 hours notice so that staffing can be re-arranged.


4.The Strike Zone will not be responsible for personal injury or for the loss or theft of clothing or equipment of the applicant/organization, or anyone attending on the invitation of the applicant/organization.


5.Liability Insurance for The Strike Zone is provided through the WMBA’s obtained Ontario Baseball Associations liability coverage.  That liability coverage only extends to baseball related activities.  All teams/players/coaches registered with the WMBA are covered under the OBA policy.  All other OBA teams coming into the facility are also covered under the same policy.  Individual baseball players from other centres would need to prove that they are a member of an OBA insured team.  Teams or groups from other sports would need to provide an insurance certificate naming the OBA and the WMBA as having liability coverage extended under the team/group’s insurance provider.  Individuals coming in to use the facility for baseball related activities who are not members of the WMBA or another OBA team will be asked to join the WMBA as a member of the facility team for a $5 charge.


6.    The applicant must pay all damages to facilities and/or furnishings arising from the use of such facilities and/or furnishings granted by this rental contract/permit.


7.    The applicant must pay such fees for extra work by maintenance personnel, etc., as TSZ may determine.


8.    Maximum attendance at events shall be identified to the WMBA in order to comply with safety  regulations and all exits must be kept free from obstruction at all times.


9.    The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the contracted facilities, and shall see that all rules and regulations contained in the rental usage agreement are strictly adhered to.


            10. All activities must be conducted in an orderly manner. Use of profane language is prohibited.


11. The applicant requesting a rental usage must be a person authorized by their organization to do so.  The applicant must also agree to personally guarantee any payment that becomes due to WMBA under the provision of the rental usage agreement which will not be issued if a guarantee is not given when required.