Updated Thursday March 26, 2015 by The Strike Zone.

Rules & Regulations for use of The Strike Zone

To protect and maximize the field surface and avoid conflict between user groups, The Strike Zone asks that every team official, player, spectator, and parent be aware of the following rules & regulations for use of the facility.

Coaches are responsible for the conduct and behavior of players and spectators in the facility.


  • The facility is available for uses approved by the Whitby Minor Baseball Association.


  • Facility users must not enter the field prior to their permitted time and should start cleaning up the field area five minutes before their end time and leave the facility promptly to allow transition between groups.


  • Only players, officials and coaches are permitted on the turf.


  • Smoking is prohibited within the facility.


  • No pets are allowed in the facility.  Service animals are allowed but must be kept off the turf area.


  • Staff must be immediately alerted to any instance of blood or vomit or broken glass or sharp objects on the field.


  • Adjustments to pitching machines and other equipment to be performed by facility staff only.


  • Any damage to the facility or equipment must be reported immediately.

Food and Beverage:

  • Only water in non-breakable containers is permitted on the turf.


  • No food is permitted on the turf, including gum, sunflower seeds and nuts.

Turf Care:

  • Staking of sharp objects (including flags) into the turf is prohibited.


  • Marking, painting or taping on any surface is strictly prohibited.


  • Substances that may stain the turf, such as ointments or sunscreen are not allowed in the turf area.


  • Footwear on artificial turf fields must be moulded rubber cleats, turf shoes or running shoes. Metal cleats and screw-in plastic cleats are forbidden.

The Artificial Turf Sport Field Rules & Regulations are in effect at all times and apply to everyone using the field.  Users will be liable for suspension of field privileges if the rules are not followed.