What we Offer

Updated Monday April 4, 2016 by The Strike Zone.

The Strike Zone offers a training area and boardroom (as well as providing a reception area, and two washrooms one of which is wheel chair accessible).


The training area offers the following.

Full coverage of the 40’x90’ surface in 1.5” artificial turf.

Two 55' cages that can be elevated individually to provide full floor space. Both come equipped with an Iron Mike pitching machine.  The batting cages can be moved so as to open up the training area for other uses. 

Two portable pitching mounds.  These can be used with a full 60’6” distance to two home plates.

Three areas for baseball ‘T’ work.

One small cage for soft toss or other batting drills.

Three large screens which can be moved  to section off various hitting stations.


The boardroom offers the following.

Overhead projector and ceiling mounted screen for presentations.

6 Tables that can be moved into various settings for either clinics or meetings

40 chairs that can be used in theatre style configuration for presentations/meetings.


Time in either the training area or the boardroom can be secured for use.  Review the Calendar section to see when they are available, check the Rules for use, and the Rates charged, and then the Contact Us section of this web-site.

In addition to team sessions, a number of small-group training sessions will be advertised throughout the year.